MZL’s Home Health Aide Training Program is a free 3 week course that grants you a Home Health Aide certification by NY Department of Health upon completion of required coursework and field study. Upon certification, you will be paired up with a Service Coordinator who will match you with a patient in need. MZL offers competitive salaries, great benefits and flexible schedules.

Classes run monthly. Apply today!

The demand for Caring, Compassionate, Committed home health aides (HHA) is on the rise!

my organizationWhat Home Health Aides Do:

Help clients with disabilities, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment with activities of daily living (ADLs), and often help older adults who need assistance.

Where Home Health Aides work:

HHAs are able to work in a variety of settings, including client homes and adult care facilities (more information on Gefen Senior Care Adult Care Facilities)


Caring, Compassion, Commitment


Home Health Care is the job for YOU if you are caring, compassionate, and committed to provide the best care for those in need!

MZL’s Training Program is approved by the New York State Department of Health (NYS-DOH) to conduct educational supervision in classroom and practical field environments. Students will acquire all skills necessary to receive home health aide and personal care aide certification through hands-on learning in skills laboratory, patient home, or other health care setting in which students demonstrate knowledge while performing tasks on an individual under the direct supervision of an approved Nurse Instructor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • MZL’s Training Program takes 3 weeks
  • Weekly classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • All aide trainees will receive a minimum of 75 hours of training in total over the course of the 3 weeks, including 59 hours of classroom training, and 16 hours of RN supervised practical training in a patient care setting
  • Our supervising RN instructors have many years of clinical home care experience and will be there to guide you every step of the way!
  • MZL’s Training Program will award our graduates with a Home Health Aide certification granted by NYS-DOH upon completion of required coursework and field study
  • You will be paired up with a specialized MZL Service Coordinator who will match you with a client who is in need of your valued services
  • MZL provides outstanding benefits to our care team who work so hard and are so dedicated to providing the best care to our patients! These benefits include:
    • Competitive salary
    • Health insurance
    • Union benefits
    • Weekly paycheck
    • Reimbursed in-service classes
    • Flexible Schedules
    • And more!

MZL’s Training Classes are held at:

MZL Long Island Branch Office

475 East Main Street

Patchogue, NY 11772

MZL’s practical field study training is located at:

New Brookhaven Townhouse

111 Beaver Dam Road

Brookhaven, NY 11719

*Additional locations subject to change

MZL’s licensed areas of service include: Brooklyn, Bronx, New York, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester ; Suffolk, Nassau, Dutchess, Rockland, and Putnam counties.

If you or a friend are interested in MZL’s Training Program, and live in the Long Island area, our training school and field study are convenient to attend via public transportation or car!


  • Passport, Permanent Resident Card or State I.D.
  • Original Valid Social Security Card


  • Bring 2 references that are professionally prepared
  • Must have the signature of the writer
  • Must have a current date
  • Previous work references are preferred, but personal references are acceptable (excluding friends and family)
  • Must have a telephone number and full address of the writer of the reference

Medical Documentation

  • Documentation of a Physical Exam
    • Proof of PPD or Lab Results from Quantiferon Test within the last 12 months (if positive copy of chest X-Ray)
    • 2 Step PPD if over 12 months since last PPD (only required if specified by contract)
  • Lab reports:
    • Rubella/Rubeola lab results
    • Urinanalysis Drug Screen with at least 6 panels (Within the last 6 months)
  • Proof of Flu Vaccine (Seasonal Only)

If you have any questions regarding the documentation above, please contact us at

For More Information:

MZL Main Tel: 1-877-MZL-6550

MZL Patchogue Address: 475 East Main Street, Suite 216, Patchogue NY 11772

MZL Corporate Address: 1819 East 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229