Precautionary Measures and Procedures

Please be advised that the information below may be edited or changed at any time due to the fact that the COVID-19 situation is changing and recommendations are updated frequently by local, state, and federal health authorities.

Please visit this page for the most current information.

We are regularly updating residents and family member’s via our website, mail, and over the phone, but if you have an urgent question, as always, please reach out to the facility administrator and staff at any time.

The health and well-being of our residents and staff is and will always be our highest priority. We are restricting all visitors, with the exception of essential healthcare personnel, and group activities and communal dining remain canceled. As recommended by the CDC, residents are asked to stay in their rooms and avoid leaving the facility and practice social distancing. Staff is working diligently to deliver meals, activity kits, and checking on residents on a daily basis. While doing this staff members are wearing recommended PPE’s for their safety and the safety of the residents. We also provide PPE’s to residents when appropriate and required.

We are implementing new communication strategies for families and will keep you informed, also if your address or phone numbers change please reach out to the facility with updates.

We continue to monitor residents daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Staff continues to be screened daily upon reporting to work, and if they have any signs and symptoms of illness, they are sent home.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding throughout this very trying time. Although we know that the fact you are unable to visit your loved ones is not ideal, it is absolutely necessary we adhere to the guidelines and recommendations published by the NYS Department of Health and the CDC regarding social distancing. We encourage you to call, Facetime, Skype, or video chat with your loved ones. If you need assistance with this please do not hesitate to call the facility.

We share this information with you, to give you the confidence that no matter what, our staff is here to serve your loved ones, and working tirelessly each and every day.
Lastly, but most importantly, we want to thank our staff who are working tirelessly every day to take care of your loved ones. The community support for our staff has been tremendous and they have been receiving messages of support and honor to applaud their hard work. We want to thank our staff and everyone for doing their part during this unprecedented time. We want to encourage you to stay safe and we wish you to stay healthy.

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